Monday, December 20, 2010

Confession time

Well, I have to confess that I had never even heard of a rotary cutter until a few years ago!! I know, I have lived a very sheltered life. But that was about to change !  I have sewn for many years, starting with Barbie clothes as a child, and then mostly clothing. My dear, supportive husband bought me a new sewing machine for my birthday,and I discovered a wonderful little shop in Fernie, British Columbia called the Cotton Tree here and felt right at home. You know how you get that feeling sometimes, that it is "your place"? I was immediatly in love with all the fabric, and beautiful colors. I was hooked!  So I bought some inexpensive material and started practicing. With no particular plan in mind I started making strips and blocks and eventually put them all together. Now this is my very first attempt at anything quilt related, and even as a beginner I can see that I had a lot to learn...but we all start somewhere and here is my start.... The "Whiteswan Quilt"

The name comes from the weekend where I first started the rotary cutting practice ! My oldest daughter was taking a scuba diving certification and had to spend the weekend at Whiteswan Lake, here in Saskatchewan, so I went along with her and spent the days cutting!
I felt so encouraged that I made a quilt for my youger daughter who was going away to University. She said she wanted it pink......well, she got her wish! Looking at this, it is clear that I still had a lot to learn ! LOL !

I am slowly making progress, though, and made a quilt for older daughers wedding (the scuba diver !) this past summer. I was very pleased with how it turned out, and they were really happy with it too.
(that is my son, my oldest, that you see holding the quilt ! He is tall enough to hold it up !!)
So far that is the extent of my big quilt "history", I have been sidetracked a few times to other projects, but that is for another day!


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