Thursday, December 30, 2010

A new Day !

The sun is rising over the snow covered houses out my kitchen window:

It is minus 25 degrees Celcius, and I am warm a cozy inside, drinking my morning coffee.  I am sooooo excited !! I have had my first visitor to my blog! I really dont expect followers, at least not yet, as I am just new at this, but it is so exciting to see that someone stopped to visit !! THANK YOU!

I have been busy sewing on my Christmas break. My son ventured into our local quilting store Periwinkle Quilting and gave me a Jelly Roll for Christmas. It was Deb Stain's "Cup-O-Joe" line from Moda.

I have never used any of the pre-cuts before, so have been thinking long and hard about what I will do with it. I finally decided on 8" blocks, so cut up the strips into pieces....the scary part!

I spent quite a bit of time sorting through them and matching up the different colors into blocks.....the fun part!

and here is the first finished block: (the colors are prettier though )

I cant wait to see how it all turns out when it is put together. I am thinking of carmel colored borders, but will wait and see what it needs and what fits best once it is put together.  Stay tuned...I may actually finish this one ! HaHa !


  1. I love how the block turned out! I've been drooling over this line of fabric for a while, just haven't taken the plunge to buy it. LOL

  2. Love this idea. I've just bought this jelly roll on ebay and have no idea what to do with it. Thanks for the photo of your block...its got me started!


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