Saturday, September 1, 2012

I love summer!

I love summer!...I don't love cold and snow!

Why do I live in Saskatchewan you might ask?  Well, I might ask myself the same question every winter!

But for now I am enjoying the beautiful weather we are having...and spending time out in my backyard.

The flowers are finishing now, so not as much colour out there. ....but at least there is snow....yet! :)
Have a great long weekend!


  1. LOL - I really do not like summer :) too hot, I like the rest of the year better

  2. I've never lived in snow before but I do know I don't handle the summer heat very well! It looks like a wonderful time to be in your backyard.

  3. Eeeeek...don't say the "S" word. It's a lovely hot day here today but it's starting to get cooler at night.

  4. Gosh so great to get to relax....out weather has been too unpredictable to stay outside for any length of time! =D

  5. I agree Flo....I love this time of the year...still beautiful days and cooler nights. We were out in the Solstice again today; top down....beautiful drive to see the grandchildren who were camping for the last weekend of the summer. had fun watching them swim and ride their bikes around...

  6. hmmmm looks like a great first meeting place for a SMQG : )
    Flo - let's try to have a stitch & coffee this month. My calendar is filling fast, but I would love to hang & quilt with you.



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