Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Time to check in again with TN&TN

and Lee's WIP Wed..over at Freshly Pieced
 I have finished the Salt Air top...I really love the colours in this one...

...more pictures after it is quilted.  And how fun is this fabric I got for the binding (from the Salt Air line)....ready made scrappy !! Love it!

I have it basted now, and I used wool batting this time..

I had never tried wool before. It is completely washable, and actually lighter than cotton batting..and warmer! Also it is just a dream to work with!! I was so surprised. It doesn't crease like the cotton batting and was just so soft and smooth. I haven't started quilting yet, so will find out if it is a dream to quilt, or not, later!!

I also fell in love with a little quilt over at Happy Quilting!  Melissa has such a great blog..such amazing  work ..and yes she always seems so happy and upbeat too!! It was one of the first blogs I started following, and still one of my favourites!

This is the little quilt (with her permission)...She has a great tutorial for making it.
refracted quilt tutorial by Happy Quilting

She calls this quilt "Refracted" because it reminded her of light being refracted.

I am thinking mine would more aptly be call "Fractured" !!...but anyway. .....
I am using some leftover purples...

I had some trouble with the overlapping bits...not Melissa's fault at all..and in fact it worked much better after I read the instructions more carefully!!  Also this is very forgiving, as you trim the blocks down to size, so all is good now!! (sorry, the colours aren't true..I took pictures in a hurry)

I did get better at these blocks though, and they are such fun to make. I am planning to use black sashing, but it is still a work in progress!!


  1. I love a simple, scrappy quilt and those colors are so pretty. Just the name makes it sound cozy! I love that little quilt too. I shall have to go check out the blog.

  2. I love melissa's quilt!! But I really think your purple is going to look fantastic!

  3. Such a great sneak of the quilt the colours are really awesome!
    The new quilt looks like it's going to be good, the pattern is so fun =D

  4. I've made one quilt with wool, and really liked it. The quilting shows more, because it's puffier than cotton. The finished quilt is light in weight, but warm! I would use it again - so long as I trusted the recipient never to throw it in the dryer.

  5. Oh my. I love your Salt Air quilt!
    I look forward to seeing your refracted quilt blocks come together, too.

  6. nice work Flo can't wait to see the finihed Salt air quilt . the quilting and binding just add to the cuddle-ness of it
    I will have to check out the refracted quilt blocks looks like a great way to use up larger scraps, and Lord know I have a ton of those
    in stitches

  7. I have never used wool batting, I think the expense is what prevents me, but I sure would like to try it one of these quilts... The refracted quilt looks like a great scrappy project, hope you post yours when it is done...

  8. Wonderful stuff going on here:) I think your "Fractured" quilt will be really special when it's finished.

  9. I just love your "Salt Air" quilt!

  10. Loving your refracted quilt!! The purples are so rich!! Can't wait to see it all finished :)


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