Sunday, January 13, 2013

Slow Blogger !

I found this link on Annabelle's blog ..Life's Rich Pattern....and I LOVE it!

                                          Knotted Cotton

It links back (I hope it does!) to another blog, that was new to me, called Knotted Cotton,  I had a good chuckle over this one!

I think sometimes I need to remember that I  blog because I want to, and not feel pressure to produce something exciting! Some days I just dont have any exciting in me LOL.


  1. Yea for slow bloggers, and Catherine is great - she makes lovely things and takes wonderful photos!

  2. I concur! For more than three years I blogged every day (I might have missed one or two) and then I stopped. Not completely but quite suddenly I just felt I didn't have that much more to say, I guess. And now I only blog when I've actually made or experienced something that I want to document for my own records. And since I work full time, I don't get much made fast so ... very slow blogging here now. YEAH! I love not blogging ALL THE TIME, though at the time (as it turned out), blogging every day was one of the best things I could do for myself.

    Happy not blogging on a schedule to both of us!

  3. Wow Heather... sounds like ME! ; )

    I'm bloggind less... did you notice? Unfortunately, it's after midnight and i'm going through withdrawal. LOL


  4. I'm so the same!! I have hardly been posting (naughty me) but I just don't have anything to share. However, I still love reading everyone else's posts!


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