Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Work in Progress Wed

Well, it is a new year...time to take stock of what I have unfinished here! Actually it is not too bad, I finished up a lot of projects for Christmas.

I am working of quilting "Fractured"..

I just did straight lines in the sashing, and am stitching in the ditch around the wedges..lots of stopping and starting, but I like the effect. I didn't want to distract from the fabric or pattern here, so thought I would try this out.  This pattern  is a tutorial from  Melissa at Happy Quilting, and she actually has a picture of her quilt up today...accepted for Quilt Con!! Way to go Melissa...I love this quilt!!

I also was a bit behind in my Saturday Surprise blocks, so got those sewn up...

I think I am getting better...first at following directions LOL...

and secondly at getting my points to match up.

They turned out pretty good! If I do say so myself!  There will  be 20 blocks in total, so should be fun!

I also have "Briar Rose" sitting waiting for quilting.

I want to get it done too, before I start anything new...I consider it a 2012 guess I had better get it finished.

There are lots of other projects waiting in the wings to get started...and look what I got for Christmas!!

I think the kids are having fun buying fabric for me too!! And this should keep me busy for awhile!!

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  1. lots going on Flo.....I haven't got back into the WIPs since the holidays. Got to get at those things.

  2. I love your pre-cuts that you got for Christmas! I have so much on my shelves that I actually did not ask for fabric this year! a first for me :)

  3. Love the refracted quilt!! It looks stunning. And what a great Christmas haul. Lucky lady!!

  4. I love the Briar Rose quilt! It's going to be wonderful. All your blocks are great, too. And what great Christmas presents!

  5. Now that is my idea of a fabulous Christmas gift:) Your blocks are wonderful.

  6. Wow - lots of loveliness going on here - I have yet to take stock of my WiPs but I think there are a few ;-)

  7. Finally, I've found out the name of a pattern I've always liked = Briar rose. How fab that your children know just what to get you! Great quilts.

  8. Hi Flo,

    I totally understand the 'butterfly approach' to stitching! LOL! Yes, you're points (and squares) are matching up beautifully. All the best for 2013!

  9. OH my, new fabric is fun and you're doing some awesome sewing on really interesting blocks!

  10. Your points are so awesome I'm drooling.

  11. It is great to see progress and get supplies to keep on progressing! :)

  12. Great projects, and I wish you many finishes for 2013!

  13. I love the touches of bright colour in your Saturday blocks.


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