Tuesday, April 23, 2013

where is spring??

We are home again in Canada....wondering what has happened to spring here ??? There is still lots of snow on the ground...and no tulips in sight!! Well....it can't be much longer....can it????

Anyway, because my camera was dead, I didn't get good photos of the 2 queen size quilts I finished up down in Arizona. My husband did get a couple of shot of them on the beds.

This one is in the master bedroom...

and this is in the guest room..

I have to say, managing those large quilts on my little sewing machine was quite a challenge!  I was not real happy with how the quilting turned out on the master bedroom one...but fortunately dont have any close up pictures of it LOL.

For the second one, I just did straight line quilting, following the lines of the rail fence pattern.

So it feels good to be home again...and back to my pile of sewing...love it!! :)


  1. Oh Flo.....they look fantastic!! I can't imagine quilting those on my sewing machine....good for you!!!

  2. do you rent a home in Arizona for part of the year? that would be shock going from warm state to cold north! that is good that you bring quilting with you and do it on your own machine - between hand quilting and trying machine quilting I am always busy with one or other.

  3. They both look great on their respective beds. Spring is late, even here in Texas but hopefully that means we won't have such a hot summer.

  4. Welcome home! Spring... what's that?
    actually, it's getting better. At least the painfully slow rise in temps is not causing ridiculous flooding.

    By Rhubarb is budding and my day lilies too!
    : )
    ~Monika waiting for May crocuses. ??

  5. What fabulous quilts! Welcome home!

  6. Great work. And don't worry, the world is turning--spring just has to come eventually :-)

  7. The both looks great!! Welcome home to winter..I mean spring...yuck

  8. Neither can I imagine wrangling these through a regular old machine. You must have a fancier one than me. At least I hope you do or you're just really making me feel inadequate.

    Again I harrumphed when I woke up to yet another skiff of snow this morning.


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