Wednesday, August 7, 2013

If I can do this...anyone can !

Flying geese!  The next part of the Star Surround QAL over at Happy Quilting!  But after my recent obsession with HST, these didn't seem nearly so scary!  (I have tried them once before, but sorry Sharon...that little quilt is still on my UFO pile!..I will have to get back and finish that.)

Melissa has provided really great instructions and lots of pictures to make it super easy.

So here are my set of flying geese.....
And I should get extra points, because I made these in a hotel room!! I love  my little baby Jan (little travel Janome) :)

Cant wait till next week!  It's not too late to join in....these aren't hard to make! 


  1. nice geese Flo!!! They are fun to make aren't they? Nice job

  2. Well look at you go! They look so lovely in their little piles. I have sets for two more stars to finish up mine - today's project.

  3. They look fantastic. I love doing quilt piecing in hotel rooms. It is just fun to travel and sew :)

  4. Looking good! I love flying geese. And once you find a technique that works for you, they are lots of fun. Gonna be a good lookin' quilt!

  5. I love your flying geese. I have yet to check them off my list. I can't wait to get to them. I've always been drawn to flying geese quilts. But honestly, Flo. IN A HOTEL ROOM???!!! I think I want your life! Or do I? :)


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