Wednesday, August 21, 2013

remember "granny squares"??

Remember when everyone in blogland was making \Granny Square quilts??  Maybe a year or two ago??

Well, I really liked the look of them, and started saving up some scraps and cutting them up to try one out. I am always a bit behind the trends!!

Anyway, I found some of those cute little mini charms on sale half price, and thought that would be perfect...easy peasy!!  So I picked a few up and gave it a try...

I used some neutral fabric from my stash for the outer ring, and trimmed them down square..

I had enough from 3 of the mini charm square packs to make 9 blocks, so it will just be a baby size quilt.
Now to choose the sashing! I have two options, the first is neutral, similar to the outer ring... with the darker blue border..

The second is a darker blue sashing, with the neutral border...

what is your vote??

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  1. Oh, so hard to decide! I generally prefer a darker border which seems to keep the eye in the center, but then the blue really makes the blocks pop. Hmmm....guess I can't help you out! Nice blocks though, great way to use up scraps!

  2. I like blue sashing, neutral border. The blocks get lost in the neutral sashing. I just might have to get me a few of those mini charm packs. I love this!

  3. Granny squares are so classic, I don't think that they will ever really go out of style. I love yours!


  4. They look great. I rather like the blue sashing and the neutral border. Granny squares are still on my list of things to do one day!

  5. You are never late to play with a classic block - they may have been a 'found fad' but they have been around since great granny herself. I like the blue sashing and lite border - makes you blocks pop and then rest your eyes.

  6. Granny squares are great--such a classic design. I really like the blue sashing as it makes your squares pop. Love the colours too!

  7. blue sashing, neutral inner border, dark blue outer border

  8. Your grannies are very nice, and I really like Sherry's suggestion.

  9. It will be a lovely little quilt! I like choice number two best.


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