Monday, July 21, 2014

progress is slow...but still moving!

I am slowly progressing with my San Jose Sharks duvet cover.
The hardest part was actually taking that first step and cutting into the fabric! That is always a bit scary. I didn't really have a specific plan, so am not sure that I have enough fabric, but will just have to wing it and add some "special design features" if I run into trouble.

I started with one side, and so far, so good...

I cut the sheet foundation to 75" square and taped it to the floor to try to control wrinkles. I have sewed down the grey background piece, the striped part and the first black slash. Then I flipped the back piece over and cut away all the extra fabric from underneath.  So the grey fabric piled up on the right side will be my next step as I try to fit it on the right side of the sheet.

So time to stop procrastinating and get back to this!!
But speaking of procrastination....try this out....

I won a copy of this book from The Bitchy Stitcher.  ...just when I needed a good chuckle about my quilting (or lack of) skills!! Thanks so much Megan!!


  1. I am enjoying seeing this come together - save all your scraps (you may need to piece some to 'make fabric') - I think you are doing a wonderful job.

  2. Great job. The colours are looking just right.

  3. It like seeing this too...interesting Flo

  4. This is interesting and turning out according to your original plan nicely! I can see why it's scary, though, since the cuts are huge!


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