Friday, July 11, 2014

the "Impossible Quill"

Well, it is not really impossible, but that is how one participant coined it!

Here is my finished quilt top!

This was a Craftsy workshop...."Dancing Quill by Valori Wells"
It was a "Mystery Quilt", which in this case meant that you didn't know what the pattern was until you signed up.
This was my first experience with Craftsy, or doing a workshop. I thought the colours were so beautiful, and the cost was so reasonable that I would give it a try.  I must admit, there were several glitches along the way ...incorrect measurements, missing instructions, and some confusion. But all is well that ends well as they say....and I think this one turned beautiful!
It actually was not that difficult, once you got past all the confusion in the beginning, and went together really well.  Check it out!

 Valori Wells Quill Mystery Quilting Workshop  - White
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  1. It turned out fabulous! That looked like a fun mystery quilt! Thanks for sharing on TGIFF!

  2. that would really get frustrating Flo, but it looks quite lovely now..

  3. That's absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Oh,no! That is frustrating when measures and missing instructions are involved! Glad you were able to finish because it turned out great!

  5. Very pretty and interesting. Too bad the instructions were off, but glad you got it finished!

  6. I really like this! I wonder how you will quilt it up - always my favourite part!!!

  7. I have never made a mystery quilt before, but I could see why you were attracted to this one, the colors are really beautiful.

  8. Great work!! Love the pattern and fabric. So beautiful!


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