Friday, January 2, 2015

using leftovers.. no paper-string blocks

After making a couple of large quilts, it is fun and relaxing to just play with the leftovers!

I love the look of string quilts, and when I have nothing in particular on the go I like to add a few to the pile. I know some people use paper to size the blocks, but then you have to tear the paper off....seems like a whole lot of extra work to me!! (have I mentioned that I am lazy?)  Anyway, I find an easy way to do these is just use my trusty 6-1/2 " ruler to size the strips.

I have been using a yellow strip for the centre of each block.  It is 1-1/4" wide.

Then I just dig around in the scrap bin and pull out a strip of whatever is the right length. Just remember that you need to account for the seam so leave the strip a bit longer. I have had to rip a few off when I have tried to squeeze it a bit to close !

These are really random....and yes, in this case, I can do random!!
I keep the strips no less than an inch (although I have done a few smaller!) and usually not larger than 2", or you loose the strip effect.
I just keep adding bits on, sewing and pressing as I go.

I find that this is a great way to use up those triangle bits. I seem to have a lot of from trimming ends of blocks.

They don't look like much while you are working on them...

I use the ruler to trim them down to size..

and then they really look great!

And it doesn't take long to make a few of them..

And put them all together....I love the look!!
Not sure how big this one will get yet.

And don't worry...all those little scraps and trimmings don't go to waste..

I still have my "batting bears" to fill!
And I just found another great way to use up scraps and strips! Check out "Sonja's windows" over at Stitchin Therapy!  Thank you Debbie!! Love this quilt, and just might have to divert a few of my scraps to this one! 


  1. Your string blocks look so good! Love the consistent yellow strip to make it bright and fun.

  2. Love the blocks!!!! And Deb's quilt is super too - both great ways to use up those luscious strips.

  3. Those blocks look great! I love that idea!

  4. Love the idea. Great way to use scraps.


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