Monday, January 5, 2015

using more leftovers

In my effort to finish up and clear up leftovers, I pulled out some left over blocks from finished quilts. You know there are always a couple, or the triangle trimmings of the ends of strip sets. I never throw them out, but they tend to just fill up

I sewed together the strip trimmings from "The Ugly Quilt" to make a few more blocks.

I also sewed together some leftover minky from some previous baby quilts.  Normally I wouldn't sew smaller bits of this together, but why not? It is still soft and cuddly! And it is a leftover quilt afterall !!

So I tried the same with the leftover bits from the "Impossible Quill" quilt.  There really wasn't much left over from that, but it is about 30"x36"  , so will be a small stroller quilt, or maybe a car seat canopy. At least it is together and out of the leftover bin!! Win- win!

Unfortunately, I still have a lot more to use up! I might have to get a bit more creative with some of these....I am not sure these colours lend themselves as well to baby quilts! We will see.


  1. I think a lot of us have to do that this years Flo. I went through every piece of fabric just before Christmas...cannot buy any!!!! Lol

  2. You could make a set of placemats, or a couple table runners. I love how you used your leftover bits!!


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