Thursday, January 19, 2012

Final finish for 2011

I know...I is already 2012...I am just a little slow!!
This is Paris finished !! Even the hand stitched binding!

Fabric is "Etchings" by Moda. Not sure about the red and black border/backing...from my stash!

For the back, I wanted to feature one of the Etching prints that has hand writing on it. sorry, it is hard to see the writing under the quilting!

I reminded me of a letter, so I thought a couple of larger pieces would look like a letter on the back!

I was running short of backing fabric, so this is actually bits and pieces pulled together to make it big enough.

I finished about 90" square. I plan to use it in the guest room at our cabin.


  1. It's beautiful! Congratulations on the finish! Love your quilting too.

  2. You put a lot of thought in the backing of this quilt. And 90" square is a big quilt! Beautifully quilted. Awesome quilt. Lovely job, Flo.

  3. The quilt is lovely - and wow!!!! Yummy quilting!

  4. Wow, that turned out great! I like the writing fabric!

  5. Just beautiful! And the quilting looks amazing. Great job!

  6. I really like that fabric line and the quilting is so beautiful. And such a cute label!

  7. great job the pieced back . It's just great what a few scraps of fabric can led to. Your Quilting looks great too!

  8. I LOVE the backing!! Did you do that quilting? WOW!


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