Saturday, January 7, 2012

And the quilting continues..

Well, after Jenny (my Janome sewing machine) had her little melt down, (see here for the details !) things seem to be going smoothly.  [And I said that very quietly so that she didn't hear me and take revenge the next time is start sewing ]

I am trying to get more creative thought I would try something different border for the border again.  First I practised my design on paper...

then drew it out onto the border with chalk...

I used this cool Clover chalk device..

 it has a little roller wheel and you just run it along where you want to!

I only chalked one edge at a time because I was afraid that it would rub off as I was moving the quilt around. Anyway I did that for the first 2 sides, then I got brave lazy, and just went free hand for the last 2 sides!

I think that I am getting better, but still ...even when I draw it inconsistent and irregular in places. I am sure that it gets better with more practice...I am just not sure that  I will live long enough to get really good at this! :)


  1. Great show and tell - I haven't tried the clover, so nice see a review.

  2. I like your design, I am not that brave yet ;-) Great job!!

  3. is hard for me to follow a design....but yours looks good.

  4. Flo you are doing a great job! Just love it! You are so brave with your quilting! keep it up!

  5. Nice job! And what a neat tool! Did you find that you had to do so many feet of marking or it disappeared? I've had a problem of that with other chalk marking things and wondered how that worked out for you! Well Obviously well in the end since you stitching is very nice!

  6. oh gee! lol that last sentence was funny. ; )

  7. I had a good chuckle when I read your sentence because that's how I feel about every new thing I try that takes practice to do well. Thank you, Flo.

  8. You are good at it! Besides, a quilt's imperfections are the heart of the piece!


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