Monday, January 9, 2012

a fishing tale?

I have been doing a lot of FMQ the past week, and just needed a break. I needed to do something quick and easy that I could actually just finish!!
So I whipped up another one of these great thread catchers....

They really are fast to can see how I make them here.

But I had to run out to the fishing store to buy more lead weights for the pin cushion part. The fishing store man eyed me suspiciously as I piled my collection of fishing weights on the counter...

Then he asked "Don't suppose you are doing a lot of fishing...are you??
Guess I don't look like the ice fishing type ???

Now, that is the time when I wish I had a witty sense of humour and could have thought of something to say like....

  • no, I use them for resistance for my exercise program....or
  • I use them at Weight Watchers meetings..where I slip them into the pocket of the person standing in front of me at "weigh-in" ..just for fun!
But alas...I just smiled and said "No"
mmm...maybe that is even better.....I am sure he lay awake last night wondering what I was doing with my little pile of lead fishing weights!!


  1. Ha,ha,ha, - I think leaving him hanging and scratching his head was better than a witty reply.

  2. I love that Weight Watcher comment. I would have gone into great detail about what I was making and probably bored the guy to death!

  3. Next time just smile and say "oh you wouldn't believe me if I told you!" Guaranteed to make him lay awake wondering!

  4. Cute little thread catcher. No fishing? Me neither, think this is a better use of the weights.

  5. I'm like you. I can think of a dozen things to say, but feel it's better to just go with a simple yes or no and a pleasant smile.


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