Tuesday, May 1, 2012

punch of colour

I made a few more blocks from the Cabbages and Roses yesterday...

I am not sure about the bright red and the dark stripes, though....

Do you think they would add a punch of colour...or maybe just be too bold with all the softer colours??
Maybe I should make them up and then decide how they look together?


  1. Nice fabric to work with such pretty fabric, your quilt will have such a soft look to it. A quilt instructor told me once, "let the quilt tell you what it needs."

  2. they are pretty bold, maybe it will give it a nice pop!?

  3. Do the blocks up - then lay it all out - worse thing - add them to the back or save for another project.

  4. I agree with the lay them out and see how it looks. Sometimes once you take a picture it looks much better than you expected =D

  5. make them up - lay them out and if there are ones you don't like, pick them out and make a table runner or cushion cover with them!


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