Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hand stitching?

Yesterday I went to a Hand stitching class, taught by my friend, Monika, from My Sweet Prairie. Her work is amazing! She is very excited to share her knowledge and love of thread. And she was very patient and kind.....I think if there was a grade for this class, I would have failed! But Monika encouraged me to keep trying till I actually made a French took awhile!! :)

She had a great handout so I could keep practising at home...if I get brave enough!

We also had a variety of thread to try out..from perle cotton to sparkly thread and even some silk ribbon.

Embarrassing as it is , this is what I produced in 2 HOURS!!

My very favourite was the silk ribbon...

So when I got home, I thought I would try out my new found skills (or lack thereof) on one of my batting scrap bears...

I admit...I am pretty much a failure at hand stitching  :(
Good thing I can sew pretty well with a machine!!


  1. I love the embroidered bear! Your little flower is wonderfully wonky. Don't be discouraged, just call it wonky and it's transformed to art!
    (Seriously, everything takes practice. Your hands are used to feeding fabric into the machine. They just need to learn a new "move".)

  2. Just wanted to say I love Monika's art! I just drool... I really envy you in her class. Fun handout and trying fibers without having to buy them all in a bunch, priceless. Enjoy... and keep us abreast... please!
    Hugs again

  3. Pretty good for a beginner Just takes practice.


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