Tuesday, April 26, 2011

buttonhole amnesia

my son asked if I could sew a new slip cover for the cushion on one of those big round wicker chairs. Sounded easy....thought I could whip that up in an hour or two. ....or not!

First issue, of course was doing the math...drawing a circle with a diameter of 4'4"!! means a radius of ??? I know, I get the simplest things mixed up !! Anyway, I did get past that, and got the cover sewn, and then went to add the button holes.  My "Jenny" sewing machine has many features, most of which I haven't used yet. So I thought that this would be a good time to try out the automatic button hole attachment.

 There were a couple of options that looked promising. The first one is putting the actual button into the attachment and then the machine automatically makes the buttonhole the correct size...theoretically...

or not. It made a perfect buttonhole, but it was only about a quarter inch long.

 Oh well, on to option 2...
this time was a memory buttonhole, where you manually stop at the correct length, and once you have completed the first buttonhole, it will make the rest exactly the same. .....or not !

I think Jenny has buttonhole amnesia....she would get it done perfectly....almost, but couldn't quite finish the last side. : (  I ended up taking the attachment down to the dealer, and there was actually a small piece broken, so once it was replaced, it was like magic!! Buttonholes have never been so easy! Love it!

And my son (and his dog- Taylor) love the new chair cover!


  1. oh I hate button holes - mainly coz I have never mastered them and certainly not on this machine! I will have to add to my list of goals! Cute dog!

  2. I laughed thru the whole post. I have all that fancy stuff too and you know what - I make button holes the old way from the "old" machine days. Plain old satin stitch zig zag on either side of measured line with a tack-back for the ends. I can do them faster than setting up all the attachments and reading the manual - yes I know where my manual is.

  3. I think I have buttonhole amnesia as well as zipper amnesia! I used to do them both all the time, but now I have to think about it a while to remember! Your project turned out great!



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