Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Decision Time

This is kind of a good news, bad news post....

The bad news...

I was not successful in my application for a "fellowship" to fund the rest of my PhD. (and this PhD doesn't mean - projects half done !!)

The good news....

The device that I was supposed to be testing has never actually been completed by the Engineers on our team, so if I had been successful in getting the money, we would be scrambling to find something to test. So, in a way this solved that problem.

The bad news...

My supervisor has accepted a position at a different University several thousand miles away.

The good news ....

She is willing to continue as my supervisor, by distance, if I choose to continue.

The bad news....

If I do choose to continue I will need to start all over again with a new topic - it would mean starting the literature review from the beginning, writing a new proposal, finding a new committee.....after having lost the past year and a half's work.

The good news....

I could just withdraw from the program .......and have more time to quilt!! (before I pay anymore tuition) So now it is really decision time....what do I want to do when I grow up ??

 ...but there is  more good news.....

my sweet hubby brought home some beautiful Gerber daisies for me! 

They are bright and cheery, which is great, because there is still scattered snow outside ! If you look closely, you can actually see the Kiss the Frog quilt blocks laid out on the floor behind the flowers LOL!!!


  1. I don't see anywhere that you asked for opinions.... or advice.... but I'm gonna give it anyway!!!!! :) Stay in school - finish it up - you can always quilt (or do anything else, for that matter) - but opportunities to gain your education are rare and valuable. GET IT DONE ALREADY!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, that's a tough one. How would having that PhD change your life or would you rather continue to make your home and family your primary focus?
    What does your husband think?

    Love the flowers and the quilt on the floor!

  3. Oh boy...tough decisions, although it sounds as if you are a little relieved? Am I reading you wrong? I say "follow your heart". I was considering my MBA a few years ago and I really had to stop and think if it was going to be worth it to me to give up the time and money to get it. I knew I really wasn't going to use I didn't go for it and I'm not sorry, although I twinge sometimes. Just listen to your heart.

  4. I don't know what to tell you, Flo, except the flowers from your husband are so pretty! What a thoughtful guy! I know it's frustrating to think of all that work "lost", but it is experience!

    I hope you are at peace with whatever you decide!


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  6. This is one your are going to think long and hard on. Quilting will always be there but it depends where your heart is. I would say to stay in school.

  7. up down up down. Oh gosh Flo.

    So now what?

    What DO you want to be when you grow up? Fair question. The great thing is that you can chose. You can be anything you want.

    wow. You are lucky. ;)
    Do you feel limitless or stuck right now?

    from across the pond...

  8. Wow! Lots of thinking for you and lots of good advice - all of which I concur with. Think about it - listen to your heart - pray some and then I hope you are at peace with what you decide.

  9. I don't know how to advise you there. When I got my MPH, I thought it might pay for itself. Not sure that it did in the long run. It was an experience.
    Your flowers are lovely.
    Looking forward to seeing you post pics of your quilt :)


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