Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kiss the Frog!

I hadn't really planned on starting something else, but saw this material and it really called my name....no, really!!
It is called "Sunkissed" and it is beautiful. I have a good friend getting married this summer (yes 2 weddings...and they are both on the same day!!) but anyway, I thought this would be perfect for her.

I found a pattern in my Jelly Roll book,that I was would be great....with a few minor changes (of course)

The blocks are sashed with a darker grey, I am not quite sure what it is, the name on the salvage says "Nature  Elements Collection." It is probably the nicest fabric I have ever worked with. I have read about people loving some fabric...well I love this fabric. It is so soft and so pretty, and so easy to work with!
I cut it pretty close with this one...almost nothing left over ...

The blocks went together quickly, although it would have been much quicker if I hadn't made so many mistakes! Ever wonder how many times you can make the same mistake??? Well I can tell you....quite a few times! A lot of these little pieces are very similar, and it is a bit like sorting socks when they come out of the dryer, and sometimes I got the wrong sock!!

I also have never worked with "setting triangles" so that was a new experience. After a few misplaced triangles, it was all pieced together.

As for the material for the backing, I try to buy backing for my quilts from the half price wall (which in Canada is still about $9 per yard) and I found some that I thought was just perfect. It is "Castles and Carriages" and has the "princess" scattered across it. Of course it also has a very faint "kiss the frog" written too !! oops

Hope the new hubby doesn't look too closely LOL!!!


  1. Good choice with the gray fabric! It looks great with the other fabrics.


  2. I LOVE the grey with Sunkissed! The dark really sets off the happy colours of the line.

  3. I just love that grey and it marries so well with the Sunkissed. Oh, I think that is a real great 'pun' on the back for a wedding quilt. Can't wait to see it after you have worked your magic.

  4. I have a charm pack of Sunkissed and some small lengths in my cupboard, it is lovely. Patricia Bravo's Nature Elements range is lovely to touch, my small piece (different colour) is noticeably softer and smoother than other quilting cottons.

  5. It is beautiful. I can't imagine getting such a wonderful, handmade gift as a wedding present...they will be thrilled! I love the colors of this one.

  6. It is just beautiful. I can't wait till it is finished and you show us!


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