Saturday, May 21, 2011

animal invasion

I have not done much sewing the past couple of days : (
But I have been out a sunburn.....did some work in the back yard.....and bought a pig!

Yes, I said pig!!

She is so cute, I call her Miss Piggy....I know I have such an imagination!!

We also found these added them to our backyard..

They are made of some kind of resin that looks like wood, but stand up well to weather.
Nice to have animals that I don't have to feed ......or clean up after !!


  1. Ok - you are a gal after my own heart! I just love the pig and now I have to look for one for my garden. I have 2 chain-saw carved bears (my youngest son), a beware of guard cat (who's afraid of her own shadow) and a pig watering can. But I just love your piggy!!

  2. We have a bright, wildly painted tin pig by the front of our house! Your pig and ducks are so cute!


  3. I love your ducks and your tulips! Great idea to have them made from a wood look alike.

  4. OMG those are awesome!! : ) I have a garden gnome. That's about it. How big is that pig!?

  5. Missy Piggy and your ducks are so cute. And your flowers are just beautiful.

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  7. i wish there was an edit button on these things, rather than just a delete! I always see my mistakes after I've posted. I'm into ducks. I have one of those resin ducks but with a broken nose :( It will get fixed soon. May have to pick up a pig this summer!


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