Tuesday, May 10, 2011

must be the Fairy Dust...

I stopped in at my local quilt store the other day to pick up a couple of small items...(really !!) ...and wouldn't you know it, Michelle was moving some bolts of fabric to the half price wall!  Well who can resist a bargain like that!!

There was the sweetest Fairy fabric!!

and bigger panels, which are about 24x 40 inches.
I am not sure what came over me!!?? I bought it all!!   Must have been Fairy Dust influencing my judgement!! Well really , I only have 2 panels and the last of the yardage.... only about 1 yard of each was left...oh,  ... and a couple of coordinating fat quarters.

I have no idea what I will do with this, or when!! But the Fairy's got me! : )


  1. Oh - I would have bought them too - how sweet are those?? I think I prefer the green - reminds me of wood nymphs. SO cute! And a sale!

  2. Lucky you! You know someone else would have snatched those up if you hadn't been there! Good for you!


  3. You have to watch those Fairies, especially the Quilting Fairies. Give them time, they will tell what they want you make with them.

  4. you just can't trust a quilting fairy! What a shame...NOT!


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