Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mothers day

I hope everyone had a happy mothers day. ....maybe even just took a few moments for yourself to relax and enjoy!
It is sunny and bright here, but still very cool. The tulips are in bud, but not blooming. The trees have not yet come out into bud!!! Hope they make it into leaf before the snow is back HaHa!!

I finished the blocks for the Canadian Quilt of Valour. If you missed the description it is at Cara Quilts.
They are not perfect (sorry Cara !!) but the half square triangles were not as bad as I thought. Thank you to everyone who offered me those helpful tips!!  And a special thank you to Cara for taking on this project!

I have to admit that several pieces have been unsewed and resewed more than once. : )  Thank goodness for a good stitch ripper.

This is a "clover". I actually read about it from somebody's blog, sorry whoever you are, I don't remember where it was. It was quite awhile ago,but I was having issues with my old one so went out and bought this. It is very good, and when you need one as often as I do, I pays to have a good one!!

p.s. Someone asked about this pictures of the place-mats, but did not leave an address for me to respond. Yes there was a pattern, if you want more details, please send your email address.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you too, Flo! Your blocks look fine. And you're right about a good seam makes all the difference when you have to unsew! If you use them like I do, after some time, they get dull! I forgot how long I had one and then wondered why I was having so much trouble ripping out the stitches!


  2. You did a great job with your HST's. A great block for a great cause. Don't feel bad about the seam ripper - I own two, and yes, they both get used.

  3. I still swear by my Bernina seam ripper. They make the best little seam ripper in the world. Mine gets LOTS of use too. Sigh!

    Susan in Texas


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