Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bag Lady

Bag Lady....that would be me....and yes, it is partially to avoid going back to finish the FMQ on DayDream!!
I sewed another of the "Daytripper" Bags...

The pattern was from an old quilting magazine, (Izzy & Ivy Design). They go together so quickly and easily. I am starting to work on Christmas presents. I think this would be a great Christmas present...might have to make one for myself too!

I also saw these cute little change purses over at OCD-obsessive crafting disorder blog. They are so cute ..you have to check them out!! So of course I went straight to the Etsy store that she mentioned and ordered some frames!!
Isn't Etsy amazing ...you just point at something and before you know it....it arrives in your mailbox!!  

Anyway yesterday these arrived!!

I went in search of glue, but couldn't find the brand that was recommended, but have gathered all the necessary supplies...glue, heavy interfacing, fusible interfacing, the printed tutorial .....

and some bits of fabric....

No....I actually haven't started anything yet....but the day is young!


  1. Oh I do love your bags, Flo. Cannot go wrong with cute bags. Cannot wait to see the clutches come together. Hmm. Off to check out that other blog you linked.

  2. I love your bags,they are very cute and put that clutches are very hard?.

  3. I really like your bags. I bought the items to make a bag a few weeks ago and have done nothing with them yet. I must get it done.

  4. I bought that glue too! It's still in the packaging. Let me know what you think of it? LOVE your bags. Did I miss the results of the give away draw?
    across the lake from you

  5. Great bags and I love the little clasps you got - matched up cute little fabrics to go with them, too.

  6. cute purses Flo but c'mon get back to your quilting - you know you will feel better once it is done.


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