Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nearing the finish line

Have you ever had a project that just seems to have problems right  from the start:??
Well maybe not from the start....when I was -30C. last winter these bright colors did cheer me up...

But is seems that there has been one little problem after backing was a bit too small- that is ok, I added a strip from the front fabric.

...I ran out of thread...OK, not a big deal, I ran to the store to get more.
...multiple problems with the FMQ....back to the repair shop, get all the advice that I possible can.....try every solution that I can think of.....leave it alone for 3 weeks (best solution yet!)

But.. I did come back to this..and the FMQ seems to be some better, although I am still have some problems with breaking thread (and I have tried changing thread several times).

I tried to do a circular flower kind of pattern all over....

and on the borders just a continuous loop...

And (little happy dance here) I am finished!! Well close to finished anyway.. I still have to add the binding... I have the binding ready to go on. I like to use 2 1/4 " for my binding, it is pressed and sewn....but I am looking at this little pile thinking that it doesn't look like quite enough....

So I measured it out, and you know what....I am short about 6"!!! Can you believe that (my amazing math skills in action again!)  I may just add a little "signature" scrap from the border???

I am so ready to be finished with this one! I am glad that you are not able to take a closer look, I am not proud of the quilting here at all. I have kind of lost the love for this quilt...hope that a run through the washer and dryer will hide some of the mistakes!


  1. Flo - I have such a pile of flimsies waiting for quilting - becoming quite daunting. You said you changed thread out, but what about the needle?

  2. It looks great to me and the colors are very cheery.

  3. I am so impressed with your machine quilting, you do such a wonderful job.

  4. it looks pretty darn good to me - better than I could do. get the last 6" of binding made and attach it and then it will be done and not playing on your mind anymore!

  5. oh so beautiful!! You are such a pro at those stitches! WHHHHYYYY is it still breaking!?? Oh I'm sorry about that! (get a bernina?) ?

  6. Oh, don't you just hate it when these things happen!?!? But it happens to all of us at some time or other. The quilt looks lovely regardless and your quilting is always beautiful!


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