Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

I really don't have much new to talk about....still working (or not working) on all the same projects.
1) Wonky blocks

2) Square dance

3) Daydream.....(and yes Jan...I should get back to this and get it finished LOL)

4) Oasis

5) tote bags for Christmas presents.

6) new clasps for little purses.
and a few more little baskets...Yes I am addicted!!  I now have a basket for everything!!!

Now off to work... maybe will get to some of this tomorrow???


  1. I think a lot of us are in the same place--end of summer and our energy is going to finishing up those projects we began. I'd like to have some of your fun ones to work on--esp. those wonky blocks! But I'm in the same boat as well, plus some reflections on what happened many years ago.

    Elizabeth E.

  2. Your entry today made me realize that I'm not the only one with several projects going on at the same time.
    I must say ... you have some very pretty projects going on at this time.

  3. Pretty stuff! Love those colorful wonky blocks. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  4. What a cute basket!! Just look at all those projects. I can't even get inspired to start a project, much less finish one. I think my brain has taken a summer vacation!


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