Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm back!

Hello! I am back! Home from Scotland, and although it was a great trip, it is always nice to get home again.

We stopped in London to visit my DH's son, who lives there, so of course did all the tourist stuff....
The Tower of London...

The Tower Bridge...

"Big Ben", which is actually the name of the bell inside, and the tower itself is properly named the "Clock Tower "....but...everybody calls it Big Ben anyway : )

Buckingham Palace....just imagine Kate and William standing on that balcony after their wedding....I can almost see them!!

and of course the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace...
There is so much to see, and so much history there. We saw St Paul's Cathedral, Trafalgar square and Trafalgar fountain, and there is a big sign there counting down the seconds until the 2012 Olympic games start in London..

Westminster Abbey is very impressive..

Then we were off to Glasgow, Scotland for a family wedding. It was beautiful of course...
The men in their kilts. Here is my DH in his kilt...very dashing I think!!

We had lots of fun, and my hat was a big hit!!

Apparently it is is a "Hatinator" rather than a "Fascinator" because it has a small hat part to it! Who knew??
Anyway, it was fun to wear, and I left it with my Sister-in-Law there in Scotland, as they will have many more opportunities to wear it than I ever will. Besides it was a pain carrying it on the plane in a shoe box!

I checked the opportunity to visit a quilting store while I was there, but they do not seem to be plentiful. There was one on the way to Edinburgh, but that would have been about an hours drive from where we were and we were busy with family/wedding so I did not get there. Soooo....I am home and ready to get back to my sewing room !!


  1. A wonderful trip! So much history. A sweet couple. Great pictures. Loved the kilts and your hatinator. I'm glad you are back safely. Loved your post entry!

  2. I'm glad you had a good time over here. Your husband looks very dashing and you look lovely in your hatinator (never heard of that before).

  3. Welcome home to you! Looks like you have a fabulous time - just one question before you settle back in.....just what does your husband wear under his kilt? Sorry couldn't help myself!

  4. What a wonderful trip---wish I could have tagged along. We were in London about 20 years ago, and enjoyed it so. Would go back in a minute, also Scotland. My father's ancestors all came from Scotland, my maiden name was MacCallum. A trip to Scotland is on my bucket list. Your hat is fabulous, you looked so beautiful.

  5. Lovely pic of you! Unfortunately, our supremely perfect summer has just ended. Ps. I may need you to come to the fabric store with me this week. Pls? Ill buy you coffee?
    pps gotta see my Sunday post...

  6. What a wonderful, magical trip. Great photos. Dashing hubby and beautiful wife - the hat is the bomb. So glad you had a safe trip and safe return.


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