Friday, September 23, 2011

In love with Etchings

First of all, I want to say sorry to any one who commented that I did not respond to. I love hearing from you and try to send a hello back again, I am working through all this stuff with my computer I found out yesterday that the emails were not sending!!! I think I have it all sorted out now! I hope.  Anyway, I do love to get comments, so really I wasn't ignoring you. : )

Now on to my new love affair..yes, I am in love again....with Etchings fabric. I had started making blocks awhile ago and when I laid them all out to see how they looked together....I loved it! ( I need to reorganize the layout, I know)

I decided that I wanted to make it a queen size for the guest room at the cabin, and fortunately a sweet friend, Sharon at Vroomans quilts had sent me a little package of goodies and in there was some more Etchings fabric! Yeah!
So I have been busy making the rest of the blocks...
These are made from a layer cake, so actually 2 layer cakes altogether. There is almost NO waste in making these blocks, which I really like. With fabric costing so much, you hate to waste any!! For details about how the blocks were cut out you can go back and check out my blog here.

I love the colors, and look at these details...a map of Paris!!!

I keep thinking .."Oh this is my favourite block"....then I find another one I love!

I have them all done, so hope to get them laid out and sewn together this weekend. I cant wait to see this one put together!


  1. Isn't this just delicious?!? Just going to be stunning - glad you are enjoying the fabric.

  2. Mmm anotehr interesting quilt - and by the way - I am so jealous of your cabin! LUcky girl!

  3. Beautiful project to a lovely fabrics.Happy quilting!!

  4. OOO I can see why you love this fabric! It is going to be an amazing quilt!

  5. those fabrics are just gorgeous Flo! :)


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