Tuesday, September 13, 2011

a little overwhelmed here

Wow!! It is really hard to catch up on everything you miss here in blogland over 2 weeks!! It seems like a lot has been going on, and everybody has been so productive....except me!! Haha! I am getting quite used to sitting around reading a book and having someone else cook dinner !! Wonder if I can find someone here that would cook for me??? Wouldn't that be nice...if they did the dishes too!

OK, so I need to win a lottery then....that is why I bought these....
I think the draw was for 4.5 Million dollars ....that would do nicely, don't you think?
I am thinking that I won't check them for awhile....that way I can keep the dream alive a little longer : )

But...back to reality....
When I got home from Scotland, I received the nicest surprise...from a wonderful blog friend who sent a box of goodies. (Thank you Sharon from Vroomans Quilts!!)

And, the best part...it arrived on my birthday...isn't that a great birthday surprise?? I am thrilled with this little package.  A card holder and zipper bag...

a beautiful needlepoint wall hanging! I am always in awe of people who can do this!

And some fabric. I love the fabric she included...so many great ideas of how to use it .....now to get busy and get some work done!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Flo. Such a lovely birthday surprise from Sharon :D

  2. I've decided when you are away from blogging, you never "catch up". You just have to start from where things are when you get back! Love your treats. Isn't it fun to get a surprise from a blog friend??

  3. So cute. What a lovely gift on a special day--Happy Birthday!!

    Elizabeth E.


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