Monday, March 5, 2012

Quick baby gift

I was cleaning out my sewing closet...well trying to anyway! And had some high loft poly batting rolled up in there. It was bulky and really, when am I going to use that?

So I decided to make a floor mat quilt for my sister, who has a new grandson. It would give a little padding to those hardwood floors :)

This was a quick and easy project..I used a panel that I also had stored in there...The front is flannel (very cozy) and the back is a fun cotton print..pieced together to make it big enough.

I just FMQ outlined some of the figures..

And then for the binding, I just did a machine binding... so I sewed the binding onto the back, pressed it to the front and then carefully pinned it so that the machine stitching caught the edge on the front

and the ditch on the back.

 It wasn't perfect...but actually worked out well.

And it is done and off to my sister in the mail.


  1. Good idea Flo....though I mainly use the poly because of hand quilting. It is tedious on the Tend to be in the way.

  2. that is really cute. If I machine do the binding I never get it right, so i always do it by hand at the end, I prefer that look, but sometimes it would be great to whip something like this out quickly...

  3. Great way to use all those items - how adorable. Now you have room in that closet!

  4. Wonderful little floor blanket using fabric and batting you have. Feels so good to use things up. I think I have some extra loft batting up in the closet, also. Very nice FMQ.

  5. So this is what you do "quickly and easily" while I set a table?? Believe me, no one would look at this cute "blankie" and think it was easy to make. It is darling!

  6. Sweet baby quilt! I have such a time with the thicker lofts, I now use only the thin stuff like White and Natural.
    Congratulations! You have won the Liebster Award! Come on over to my blog to see how it works.

  7. Machine binding is a pain, the back somehow manages to bunch in places. Love the quilt its soo cute. The panel really works well =D

  8. This is adorable. What a great idea to use up things you already have.


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