Monday, December 17, 2012

Blogger Photo problem solved!

As you may remember I was having issues with trying to upload photos onto my blog...I had reached my quota! Well, after complaining on my blog, I received lots of great, helpful advice! Blogland is so great...I think we could solve the worlds problems, given a chance !!

Anyway Kate,  at A Sometimes Quilter, was very helpful in teaching me how to load pictures into Flickr and then attach them. I did have a Flickr account, but must admit haven't really used it much.

And then Debbie over at Stitchin' Therapy posted a great page on how to reduce the size of your stored pictures. You can find the page here. ...and she also has a really fun blog too, so have a look around while you are there :)

Anyway, apparently if a picture is less than 800 x 600 it doesn't even count as space...who knew??
So Debbie explains how to reduce the size of the stored pictures and reduce your quota! It is a bit of a convoluted process, and there may be an easier way if you are really tech savy...but this worked! I am now down to 4% of my quota and can upload directly onto the blog again, which is the easiest and fastest way for me.  I am now reducing the pictures as I go along, so I don't hit this wall again.

Thank you to all who offered assistance Rock!!


  1. Oh, what a pretty tree! And bloggers rock when it comes to helping others.

  2. Thank you for the tips about reducing picture size. I'm going through my pictures and reducing their size now.
    Love this blogging community. They are quick to help each other.
    Your Christmas tree is beautiful!

  3. lovely tree Flo!! I could use these lessons...thanks.


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