Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Finish ...a tale of two..

I had a couple of jelly rolls (who doesn't have a few lying around..right??)  that I wanted to use for a quilt that my daughter wanted for a Christmas gift. She wanted to have a quilt to give to her father-in-law and wife for Christmas, so I wanted it to me a bit more manly!
I used "Comfort" by Moda.

I used the pattern that I had tested awhile ago from the Missouri Star Quilt Company..called the Amazing Jelly Roll Quilt.  These video's are great..and this quilt is so much fun and quick to make too.
I already blogged about this before, when I started the quilt can see the details on my previous post.

So I used one Jelly roll, and added a couple of borders...
I quilted it with my usual all over echoed teardrop pattern..

and just some loopy circles on the border..

It finished at about 60" square. Then I started thinking that maybe she would like the gift to be a bit larger! mmmm...OK...I can do that!! So I started again and this time I added some extra bits of fabric and made a second quilt that finished 72"x 85".  It looks pretty much the same, except I used a different fabric for the border. I found this fabric on sale in Phoenix (wow..they have good sales!) Anyway..I thought it looked just like Saskatoon berries! (they are kind of like blueberries, they grow on trees here...and taste yummy!) So that was just perfect!!

It is quilted with the same teardrop pattern, and loops on the borders. I used the "Saskatoon berry" fabric for the backing for both the quilts. They look very similar, one is just larger.

Now she just has to pick out which one she wants.

The deal we made was that I would make the quilts, and she and her husband would shovel the snow off the driveway while we were away! Well...I think I got the best side of this deal...we have had record snowfall...several big storms.. so they have earned this one  LOL!

So these are my finishes..linking up to TGIFF.. today over at Quilt Matters!


  1. They are both lovely but I like the large quilt simply because of the border fabric!

  2. great quilts Flo. I'll have to check that pattern out ... as I too have a jelly roll or two lying about the house.
    have a great weekend
    in stitches

  3. oh! it's beautiful! I have all my blocks ready for a tilt just like this one. I took the pattern from the book Jelly Roll Inspirations. It's nice to see another one made with different fabrics. I can't wait to fisnih mine!

  4. Ohhhhh That looks like a really interesting pattern that you could do a lot of playing around with color placement. :)

  5. Two finishes?! Wow, go Flo! They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the link -- I'll definitely be checking that out.


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