Monday, December 3, 2012

Crease.....BE GONE!! ....Best Press

Have you ever had a stubborn crease in fabric, especially something that has been folded a long time??

Well, I found a solution! Actually it is a solution..a starch solution!

I have never used spray starch before...and no, they aren't sponsoring me, or giving me any of this product..which is too bad, because I love it!!

One little squirt...

and the crease disappears!! Really!!

I even did a little test...

3 strips...

one hit with a hot steam iron (my old remedy)

one sprayed with water..(now I have a wet creased strip LOL)

and one with a shot of this amazing spray...

It is hard to see in a picture, but the Best Press did the best job.

Magic...I swear!!

It comes in several different scents too, and each is a different colour. This one is Caribbean Beach, but I have to say there is really very little scent, which I like. And no gunk on the  iron..except what is there from my last iron on fusible experience!! LOL 


  1. I swear by Best Press, too! I love the lavender scent and my SIL loves the fresh linen - yes, I turned her on to it, also.

  2. I got two gallons of unscented from Joann not long ago - I managed to get a combination of on sale and free shipping which was awesome! I'm best pressing EVERYTHING now :) It's really helping me keep my piecing accurate, it stiffens the fabric and there's no stretch.

  3. I just ordered another half gallon refill on amazon, I love this stuff and have used it for a while, don't like regular starch, it leaves the white residue, best press doesn't, it's great

  4. I have heard this is good but I usually just spray with water.

  5. My favourite scent is linen. I'm using lavender right now, and not overly fond of it! It is a magical product for sure!

  6. I have trouble with creases in tablecloths (since I don't use them often). I have spray starch, but I don't think it works all that well. I'll look for this!

    I had to laugh at your comment about ending up with a bunch of ribbon first thought was that you would make a quilt out of them!

  7. : ) I read the beginning of your post title, and immediately thought "BEST PRESSED!!"
    I can even get wrinkles out of stiff batiks that have been folded forever. I love that stuff! I bought some that is lavender scented too! : )


  8. I just love Best Press. It's the only starch we use now. And I love the Caribbean Breeze, too. We also love the lavender. My husband loves it when I starch his shirts with this as well. I ended up buying a big jug of it because we go through it so fast.


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