Thursday, November 28, 2013

flying geese update

Just a quick follow-up to yesterday's post about the Downton Abbey QAL and my trouble with the flying geese blocks...

I took all the suggestions and started work on the second batch of these blocks.

First, I tried them out of paper, to eliminate the problems with the bias edge..

I found that even with paper, it was very difficult for me to get them all exact!! And I should mention that I am usually pretty exact, so this was frustrating.

So I cut the corner square blocks 1/8" larger than suggested in the directions, and then trimmed them down after they were finished. Some I had to trim off the whole 1/8", and others not very much!

Spray starch also helps to reduce the problem of the bias edge. worked!!  Of course it helps that there is less contrast on these blocks too! I wish I had started with these, and done the black and mauve ones once I had improved my technique!

most of them are now pretty good..

there are still a couple that are off centre, but the points are there..

So I guess I can get off my horse now ..LOL  (Thank you Sharon!!)


  1. I tried making flying geese for the first time last week. I used the no waste method. My points were there, but some were off centre just as yours were. Different method, same results. I guess with more experience we may figure out what's going on.

  2. Oh, those points! But you conquered. Looking good!

  3. flying geese are just one of those things I dislike greatly...LOL Looks like your are coming together pretty darn good though


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