Wednesday, November 6, 2013

playing with pockets

My sister has requested a new bag...she has a few from me already, but wanted one in red.  So I picked up some red fabric the other day....on the half price had to buy a minimum of 1 metre (yard), which means that I have lots to play with.

I am using the Phoebe bag pattern...a free pattern by Rebeka Lambert. It is a great pattern, and makes up quickly. I have made this one several times before...

I noticed that Rebeka now has several other patterns offered for purchase...they all look great!

I decided that since I had some extra fabric, that I would play with pockets, and try out some new additions..

First up I added a padded pocket on the back outside to slip in a kindle or tablet. I like to carry mine with me when going to appointment or somewhere that I might have to wait..always good to have a book along.

I just cut an extra pattern piece of fabric and lining, and cut it down a bit on the top to make it flat. Then I added a layer of fusible fleece to the outside fabric, and a layer of quilt batting to the lining, I sewed it straight across the top, flipped it over and top stitched it, then sewed it to the back piece...

It is a little bit padded, but not too bulky.  Worked out great.

Next up I wanted to try an inset zipper pocket.  These always look so "finished" but look so hard to do.
But...I found a great tutorial, and easy peasy....I now have a set in zipper!!

It was so much easier that I thought, that I am now adding them to everything!!! (OK, maybe not adding them to my quilts...but all my bags for sure!)

this is the inside view of the zipper pocket..

I have also decided that I need to make these bags at least 3 fix all the things that I would change.  Like for the second bag, I put the zipper pocket inside, and I should have had  a snap closure inside the padded pocket maybe. Oh well, I am just and learn.

So that is what I am doing this week. linking up to
WIP Wed at Freshly Pieced..

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced



  1. Looks like a lovely bag, and I'm needing a new purse, so might just give this a try! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That bag is fabulous:) I have that freebie pattern too and now that I see it made up I'll give it a try.

  3. Lovely bag and thank you for the link.

  4. A bag just can't have too many pockets!

  5. Definitely not talking to yourself! Like your blog alot and I was wondering if you have a link for email following?


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