Friday, November 8, 2013

Mountain view

I have finished the quilt that I was making for my daughter.  As you may remember.. she lost everything, including 4 of my quilts....when Calgary was flooded in June. (See previous post for pictures and details)

Just as an update, reconstruction on her apartment is under-way, and hopefully she can move back in early December! It has been a long hard summer for her, but she will have a brand new place, which will be exciting! I think she will miss out on the "One Slab" quilts because  she isn't back in the flood area yet, so wont be there when they are distributed. A big thank you, though, to Patti.....a quilting friend ...for donating a quilt for her...she loves it and has been using it a lot!

Anyway,  I wanted to get a new quilt done for her too...and here it is..

The pattern is from Moda Bake Shop..called S'more Mountains.  I didn't add the appliqué bits of trucks and cars though.

This went together well, but I commented before on how disappointed I was with the amount of waste in making the blocks. For each striped block I had to trim off about 2".  I had some great suggestions on using these bits for the binding or on the back...all good ideas. ...but didn't happen :(
I should have tried, but I was in a hurry to get this one finished and just didn't take the time. Maybe next time I will try to be more creative.  Now I need to think of a project for all the bits! Maybe some pillows to go with the quilt???

It has some fun fabric..sort of newpaper print fabric. ..

The backing is some flannel that I thought would make it especially warm and cozy..

The quilting is hard to see, but is just straight lines following the blocks.
I am really happy with it. It is not exactly the same as her "coffee quilt" that she lost, but does incorporate some of the same fabric, so hope she likes it.

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  1. It is lovely Flo, and good news that she will be back into her place soon.

  2. Love the colours in your quilt! Patterns that waste a lot of fabric drive me crazy too. And happy to hear your daughter will be in her own home soon. It's been a long haul.

  3. love your blog and the lovely quilts-especially the smores!

  4. Those little Christmas stocking stuffers were really cute. Thanks for sharing. Wouldn't mind winning those fat quarters either. Very nice fabric. I live in Ontario.

    1. Hi are a no reply blogger, so I can't reach you, but please go over and leave a comment on the Blogathon page so that your entry will be included. :)


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