Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lady Sybil continues

I have been working on the second blocks for the Downton Abbey Mystery QAL.  I must admit it is truly a skill building experience for me!
This week is a lot of little triangle bits, and flying geese!! (I knew there was a reason that I hated little triangle bits!!)  And because this is based on the EDeN system (designed for die cutting) you end up with a whole pile of little pieces to try to sew together.  I have used the "easy flying geese" method before, and did pretty well with that.

But......This....not so much! :(

I did get some perfect points!!
OK, to be honest, I got 2 perfect points!! (but who is counting???)

I got mostly "close call" points....

But I am sticking strongly to the "Horse Test"

For those of you who may not know what that means that if you ride by the quilt on a horse, and don't notice the error, it doesn't count!
And I have a very tall, fast horse in my head !!
But really...they are not terrible...just don't look too close!!

Anyway, I have half of these blocks finished, and another batch to go. I have made a desperate call out to Vroomans Quilts, and she has offered me lots of great back to work here and see if I can improve!

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See you next week!


  1. I think your blocks are lovely. I totally understand your "almost perfect points" and while I had never heard of the "Horse Test" I am included to agree with it and might be using that myself in the very near future!

  2. my points are the same way as yours on most things I do - "almost perfect"

  3. There is no such thing as the perfect 1/4" seams, or perfect point, or perfect cirlce. Look at Mother Nature - each blade of grass, leaf, flower, snowflake - each differrent, but taken all together - she takes our breathe away. So breath and relax and enjoy.

  4. Love your blocks! They look wonderful. I am sewing beside/mentoring my two girls through their first projects and we always talk about the horse test, however, ours is always galloping!

  5. LOL - love the Horse test! Your blocks are looking great, Flo! Keep it up!

  6. They're as perfect as it gets...Flo!! Beautiful blocks

  7. Good for you for trying something different, Flo, pretty adventurous to do a mystery quilt


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