Monday, June 30, 2014

bags and totes

I have made several bags and tote bags, and given many away.  These totes are about 15" x 11"

I just made this one for my sweet daughter-in-law.

Now some friends of people who have them are asking if they can buy one too.

I am now in that quandary about how much to charge. Most of the fabric I use for these is scraps, although I sometimes buy for a specific project. Like this one....the customer wanted something black and white, "art-deco-ish"....this is what she will get...  it is about 16" x 12".

It has a zipper pocket inside on one side,

and a simple split pocket inside on the other side.

There is also a slot pocket on the front under the snap flap closure.

All those little bits add up too....the zippers and snaps and buttons.
If I am using batting, it is just what has been trimmed off a larger quilt, but sometimes I use fusible fleece or buckram if I want more shape or body to the bag.  And then there is my time, which is hard to account for as well.  I do this because it is fun, and a hobby, not to make a living at it.
I have read several blogs about valuing your work, and charging accordingly, but when I worked it out these bags would cost about $80, which I think sounds pretty high.  I am thinking about $40.  What do you think?  Do you sell, and if so how to you calculate your price? 


  1. You might go to the stores and price some similar bags... I got sticker shock recently when I went to the big dept. stores. Handbags - well, lets face it, EVERYTHING is waaaay overpriced now. I found a little crochet bag that fit my needs, and luckily was on sale for $12.

  2. Even though you used scraps or stash, you have to figure it will cost you to replace at normal price. My calculations for selling is cost of all materials (full value), cost of quilting (pay yourself just like you would pay a long armer), and pay yourself for time (my scale is .7 - ei: so a total of material etc.. $100 my pay would be $70) works for me for the area I live in - more than that and I can't move it. I was thinking those bags around $45.

  3. Ditto, what Sharon said. I think $45 is good price for all the details you put into it.....and she is getting the deal! Btw, love your fabric choices....great job on all.

  4. Your bags are so lovely. I've always loved the work you do on them. At least $45. We have a tendency to undervalue our work. Even if it's made of scraps, you still had to pay for them.

  5. Your work is amazing....I do sell but I am too low in pricing so I am a bad one to ask.

  6. Yeah I would have said $40-$50 too.


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