Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Gadget

Today is a basting day...I know it doesn't take all just seems that way. I do tend to spend a lot of time when I am basting a quilt together. I find that it is time well spent.  The more time I spend when basting it together, and smoothing out all the wrinkles, the less problems I have when I am quilting it.

This is my "Charm Pack Cherry" quilt top (free pattern from Fat Quarter Shop) , made from Road 15 by Sweetwater.  I think they are such calming colours.

And I am trying out a new gadget...It is called a Kwik Klip..

Basically you put the grooved end under the sharp part of the pin, and then just push the head down over the point to close the pin.

It does seem to make the process a bit faster. Still takes forever, but this is a lot easier on the finger nails!

I also sewed a little bag and wallet for a gift.The bag has a detachable strap, and can then snap right onto the belt loops of your jeans...pretty cool idea!

 I have seen a few of these around Pinterest, but didn't have a pattern, so made one up. I can do up the details on how to make this another day.

The wallet is from a tutorial I found on Pinterest (of course !)

 You can find it here at Modest Maven.
I took out one of the sets of card pockets and added a little zipper pocket to keep change, etc.

That is my Wed WIP..
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  1. Have fun basting! That bag is really cute! Great fabric choice!

  2. love the bag and wallet Flo. that should be a good gadget for basting. I need to get a quilt basted too...keep putting it off

  3. It's a horrible job but I agree that time spent now is worth it later and that super smooth top is always satisfying :) Cute makes!

  4. Great purse and wallet! I really like the color combination.

  5. Love the bag and wallet...and you are so right, time well spent with the pins...


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