Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Little scrap Play

After working on big quilts, it is fun and relaxing just to play with scraps for a bit!
I have been making string blocks now and again, using a yellow strip for the centre and then just really random strips of fabric to make 6 1/2" blocks..

Over time I have added to the pile, and it is starting to look like something now..

Not sure how big this will get....I will just keep adding blocks when I need a distraction!

And I also used some of my "crumbs" basket (pieces that are really too little to save, but I do anyway !) to make these little blocks. (Thank you are right, they are kind of addictive !!)

I have no idea what this will be used for....but fun to make!

I also need to get back to my disappearing 9-patch..

I have to decide how I want to lay them out....

or this???

I think the second one is much more interesting....what do you think?
This is not all the blocks, so it will be quite a bit larger than this.

And finally...a little walk around my back yard because my "Lady Slipper" has come into bloom!! This is my favourite most pampered plant in my yard.

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  1. I love your string quilt! You're making good progress on it.
    I made one too a few years ago, and I've started on another one. They're so fun to make! I had a bit of trouble putting the blocks together because of the bias edges. I stitched around the outsides but it still looked a bit wobbly. Another quilter suggested starching them. I might try that.
    Can't wait to see you finish this one!!!
    And I love your Ladyslipper. I've never seen one before :)

  2. I love to make string blocks as a de-stresser after a huge project - yours are coming nicely. What sweet crumb blocks - just keep adding and slowly they will evolve into a lovely quilt - no rush. I like the second layout for your DP9.

  3. Love all of your playing. Keeping the middle of your string blocks the same is a great idea. Your lady slipper is pretty:)

  4. Love the string blocks Flo....and I like the first version of Crumbs

  5. It's been ages since I've done string blocks. They are a blast to make.
    I have a fairly large bag of strips that I've been wanting to give making spiderweb blocks with first.
    Who knows when I might ever get around to it.

  6. Great work on everything. The strings look great. I like the idea of a quilt you add to gradually.

  7. I agree that the second arrangement of the hidden 9 patch is more interesting.
    Your lady slipper deserves pampering.


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