Friday, November 7, 2014

baby finishes

I finished the Mickey Mouse baby quilt, and then decided to use up the leftover strips to make a car seat canopy cover.  They look like such a great idea!

I sewed the strips together, some were not the full WOF, so cut them all to the shortest length of strip.
and then added some batting and a cute polka dot backing.

I quilted this with simple straight lines.   I cut it to about 32"x 42".  Then I rounded the corners using a plate to draw them.

I used a simple black binding for this, (I didn't have enough polka dot binding fabric left over!)

and added some straps (10" x 3") with velcro for attaching it to the car seat handle.

There are lots of tutorials for these on line. Most of them don't have batting inside, but I wanted this a bit heavier for our cold, windy Canadian winters.  Also a lot of the tutorials sew them right sides together and turn them rather than use a binding, but I wanted to quilt it so thought this was the easiest way for me to finish it.

I don't have a car seat to try it out on, so hope it works for them!!

I also did my first commissioned baby quilt.  I had given one to my hairdresser, and her friend loved it and wanted one too! She picked the fabric...this was a charm pack of "Notting Hill".  I made my little charm pack baby quilt  again.  Quick and easy!  Isn't it pretty? She loved it!

I had some left over charm squares, (Notting Hill comes in 5" square packs of 30, so had to buy 2 of them ) made her one of those car seat covers too!  Use up those leftovers so they aren't just lying around!!

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  1. What a great idea to make those matching car seat covers with the quilts! They all look fab.

  2. oooh great work. red black and white is one of my favourite combos, and the notting hill fabric is just lovely. great finishes :)

  3. I like the idea of using batting in the car seat cover. They look wonderful, and I love your baby quilt, too!


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