Thursday, November 20, 2014

Such a fun week....Blogathon Canada!
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Thank you to all the great bloggers that are hosting this event, and a big thank you to Sew Sisters for organizing this again.
Today is "Saskatchewan Day" , hosted by Heather over at  Peace Love Quilt.   She has some very creative stuff going on over there!

If you are visiting from the blogathon, welcome to my blog!  Stay awhile and have a look around.
I have a pretty varied interest, from baby quilts

to queen size,

with lots of odds and ends thrown in, like tote bags,


 and some little gifts (Christmas tree skirt, toothbrush carrier etc)

Be sure to say hello....I love comments :)  And also check out some of the other blogs..lots of great talent here in the prairies!!  Enjoy the Blogathon Canada!


  1. wow, good for you on the tote bags, I am too afraid to try making a bag!! I am hoping to try a new tree skirt though...

  2. Hi! I'm sure enjoying the Blogathon! Glad you're a part of it.

  3. Love the quilts! Thanks for the special Blogathon post! :)

  4. You have such a wonderful array of quilty projects! Nice to visit you!

  5. Your quilts are lovely! I'm just getting into bag making, so absolutely loved seeing yours! Thanks for a great share...Visiting from Nova Scotia on the Sew Sisters Blog Hop!

  6. I have so enjoyed following you thru your quilting journey - variety is what makes it all fun.

  7. Hi Flo! I MISS YOU!! You are amazingly productive no matter where you are. I'm always impressed! I love the bags you've been making! Thanks for participating in the Blogathon!

  8. Flo, as always you do such lovely work- I especially like the queen sized quilt that looks like a variation of rail tie- I have not seen that design but it works beautifully together. You make terrific bags- I have to say I am not much of a bag maker but I admire others who create them.
    Enjoy the blog hop- regards from Alberta,

  9. I always love reading about your beautiful quilts and projects.

  10. Greetings from Bismarck ND USA on the Canadian blog hop. Beautiful purse above.

  11. Love your projects, and I've just signed up with bloglovin! I'm also on the blogathon - on Saturday's list so stop by!


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