Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Christmas Gift finishes

I am busy trying to get some homemade Christmas gifts ready. I fly home to Canada in a week, so wanted to take some of these back  with me. daughter wanted a "retro" apron, so here is what I made..

and the best is reversible!!! How cool is that!

It is from this pattern that I found in a little quilt shop here in Arizona.  I don't normally use patterns (and am usually not very good about following them !!) but this one just fit the bill perfectly.

I also bought some Insul Bright, to make some Christmas oven mitts. These cute little mini microwave oven mitts are quick to make.

There is a tutorial here.  I made a couple of changes though.  The Insul Bright instructions state that you should add a layer of batting to absorb moisture, so I added that to the larger pad part.(between the Insul Bright and the lining)  For the little pocket pieces I only used batting, and not the Insul Bright to keep the bulk down a bit. I have to say, though, that turning these little suckers through that small hole is a real challenge....possible , but just barely!! But all is well that ends well, my mom used to say :)

My youngest daughter likes full oven mitts, so I made a pair of those too.  (instructions are on the Insul Bright web page)

I saw the cutest table runner in pinterest!  So I made one of those too. I take no credit for this design, it was from Sea Salt Quilts, she has them in her Etsy store.  It is about 48" long and 12" wide.

And finally I whipped up a couple of my "go to" tote bags for neighbours down here in Fountain Hills.

And in my ongoing effort to use up scraps as I go, I used the leftover bits to sew some matching pouches!

Now I just have to see if I can fit all this stuff (except the tote bags) into my suitcase!!  I also have a couple of quilts at home that I want to try to finish when I get there. We will see how that goes!

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  1. Wow! You area gift making machine! Everything looks so nice. Those information papers that wrap around Insul-Brite etc are a wealth of information. And as always I love your totes and pouches. Safe travels home and dig out your snow shoes when you get here!!


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