Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back to the DayDream

The problem with working on more than one thing at a time is that I forget what my plans were when I pull out a project. I am sewing some more blocks for the DayDream quilt...can't remember what size I had in mind when I started this....or maybe I didn't have a size in mind....

I always have a problem deciding how big to make a quilt. My thinking is ...if I am going to do that much work, it needs to be big enough to be useful...but how big is that? The books don't all agree either, but basically give the following dimensions:

Twin: 69"x90"
Full: 84"x90"
Queen: 90"x90"
King: 106"x 98"

But to me that always sounds BIG!! And of course makes it more difficult to machine quilt as well.
You probably need that size if you are planning to use it as the bed cover, as it needs to hang down over the edges enough to cover the mattress. And the mattresses are are so thick now that does add a few more inches.  If I am giving it away, I am never sure what size would be the most useful for someone else.

I think for a "throw" about 50"x 60" or 70" is a nice size to curl up under. I guess the problem really is that I don't usually have a purpose in mind when I am making these. This one is just because it is so pretty and spring like, and it has been a long winter : )

If I use all the blocks that I have made from this, and add a border it will end up about 75"x 86"  That is still pretty big in my book! I bought some yardage of the yellow stripe fabric from this line (Dream On by Moda) when I was in Phoenix  to use for the border.
...... Bright and sunny : )


  1. Gorgeous fabric - very fresh and spring time like - love it!

  2. Love the floral and the yellow stripe is a great border to frame it all together.

  3. Your lovely quilt makes me think of warm summer days. Quilt size is an issue with me, too :) I opt for large throws or small quilts, things I can quilt using a sewing machine.

  4. I love your fabric - and for a beginner quilter, you are doing great!

  5. This is going to be so pretty and cheerful, no matter what size!


  6. I have enjoyed reading your whole blog.

    I started quilting about 2 years ago and am just getting started on machine quilting.

    Thanks for posting. (Vrooman's Quilts sent me)

  7. your quilt is just going to be so amazing.

    you won a pack of those awesome buttons on my giveaway...can you contact me with your address? Congrats~


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