Saturday, March 12, 2011


If you like buttons, you have to check this out!!!  The blog is called ButtonMad

These buttons are all handmade, and they are sooooo cute!! There is a terrific story behind the button making as well. They are handmade in Africa, by African women.

There is a huge giveaway going on by Quilt Gallery, so you can browse through the whole catalogue! Only problem is you have to pick a favorite!

LOVE these little buttons!!


  1. You will have to go read Pippa Moore's blog. I am sure I recognize all those women! We were buying their purses at guild meeting. Cool! Each womn's story is INCREDIBLE.

  2. Those are darling, thanks for sharing!

  3. Those are the cutest little things. I'm going to go look even though I don't know what to do with buttons if I get to tablescape with buttons?

  4. Those buttons are just adorable. Thanks for sharing.


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