Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Buttons!

I am so excited, I won some of those beautiful little buttons!! Aren't they just the cutest .....

Barb, over at Bejeweled quilts had a give away!!  And now go check out the Button page at - Button Mad, they are giving away penguin buttons!

I can think of a lot of places I can use them......wont' they just add the finishing touches to my little handbags....or on a wall hanging or fibre art? Maybe along the edge of a fabric bowl?

I have mentioned them before, but would like to tell you a bit more about them. The are all hand made by women in South Africa. This is some information from their website: Incomparable Buttons. There is lots more about them on the webpage, but this tells you about the buttons. There is a whole catalogue and they ship worldwide.  I gotta get me some more of these : )

"Each button and craft piece is made and painted entirely by hand. Every button, once made is dried outside in the warm South African sun then fired to a bisque and hand painted. At this stage they are taken through a 24 hour firing to the hottest temperature the colours will withstand so as to ensure their complete durability and extreme hardiness.

Incomparable buttons are fully washable and dry cleanable. This is a first for ceramic buttons and offers sewers, knitters, crafters and clothing manufacturers a great new alternative to plastic. With embellishment becoming ever more popular, the buttons are also perfect for quilters and cross stitchers who are looking to add a unique finishing touch to their projects - as well as for many many different craft applications." (from Incomparable Buttons)


  1. Congratulations - they are popping up everywhere - Quilting Gallery even has a give away. They are the most adorable and unique buttons I have seen in a long time.

  2. Congratulations, Flo, you ALSO won Second Prize on the blog giveaway at

    Second prize is an original Moda Layer Cake, "Happy!"

    You have until April 1st to send your snail mail address to or the prize will be reassigned.

    Susan in Texas

    PS I can't believe you also won Barb's button giveaway. I almost entered that one. lol

  3. OHHHHH lucky me!! :)
    I think this might be the week to buy a lottery ticket!!

  4. Isn't it fun to win something? I can't imagine a better person to win those cute buttons! I ordered 5 pounds of vintage creamy white buttons so I could put them in a jar on the spool cabinet. They came a couple of days ago (there will be pictures). I had no idea how many buttons 5 pounds would be...I could fill a couple of jars easily! Now I need to find an easy crafty thing to do with some of these...something for the person with no skills!


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