Monday, March 7, 2011

cleaning up after myself

I make sure to clean up my sewing machine after I finish quilting a project, and sometimes during if there is a lot of lint/dust.  If you wonder why...look at this.... check out those feed dogs....its just packed right in there!!

make sure to take of the plate, and pull out the bobbin case too....

I have a little brush that does a pretty good job of picking up all the lint/dust.

Monika over at My Sweet Prairie just had a great Tips for Tuesday talking about cleaning. She suggested a little vacuum attachment. I don't have one, but it sounds like a great idea.

Anyway...all cleaned up and ready to go again!!


  1. Oh isn't that gross how things can build up!? And to think my first machine that I had for 6 years was NEVER cleaned... ugh!

    : )
    Great pics Flo! : )

  2. Great tip to hit upon. So many don't do general cleaning/maintainance.

  3. I use a bottle of canned air to blow out all the lint in the bobbin housing and a brush in the bobbin holder. I do this every time I make a new bobbin. It's amazing how much lint can collect with the different threads and fabric! I also put a drop of oil in every so often as well. Regular maintenance is so important and I agree with Vrooman's Quilts comment, that most people don't do it! Read your sewing machine's owner's guide for tips!


  4. Thanks for the reminded. I forget to do that, and I don't know general cleaning machine maintenance.

  5. It sure does accumulate fast! I often clean out the lint each time I sit down and sew, lately,
    Also, I find that q-tips can be handy to use instead of a brush, as the lint just sticks to them like a miniature lint-roller!


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