Friday, March 4, 2011

Not very productive today

Today we got to babysit our grand daughter, who is 2 yrs old......and cute as a button...and soooo good.....and did I mention smart???

Consequently I really didn't get much done today. I did go back to my local quilt store, periwinkle quilting and buy some extra flannel because I was a little short of material to finish cutting out the fuzzy flannel that I started last week. I chose some tan colored flannel, to blend the pinks (which are actually brighter than they look) and green together...I think...what do you think?

It is all cut out now, so just need to find some time to sew it together!
Maybe this is still cold here, and lots of snow. This is my back deck...

and the hot tub, that obviously we have not used for awhile LOL.


  1. O M G! The snow! We JUST used out hot tub today! It was awesome! My kids learned to swim in it! haha.

    PS Did you know Periwinkle has a little lego box so kids can be occupied while mommies and grandmas oogle at fabric? : )

    Crack that hot tub open and enjoy the sun! Sunday is fun afternoon in the park. Horse & sleigh, skating, curling, hot chocolate, sledding... 1-4 FYI

  2. We still have a lot of snow, too. But rain from the whole weekend, so hopefully it will be gone soon.

    Love the tutu and winged outfit - how cute!

    Your selection of fabrics and colors are fantastic, cannot wait to see the progress and then finish.

  3. A good week-end to stay in and sew!!!!!

  4. Hello! I just discovered your lovely blog, and read your profile. CONGRATS on the PhD! I started mine at age 47, as a single mom with 4 kids in university...yikes! It all worked out in the end (took 6 years!-but don't despair) and I would do it all over again. Best of luck!


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