Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday finishes !

Yeah ....I am making progress !!

I finished my very own "Kiss the Frog"...

for anybody who doesn't know the reason for this name, it is because I when went to buy the backing for the original Kiss the Frog quilt, which was for a wedding gift for a dear friend,  I found this fabric that was the perfect color of yellow. There were printed words "Princess", "Castle and Carriages" , "Crown" , "Once upon a Time" scattered across the fabric. It was perfect.....until I got it home and was working with it and noticed it also had very faint, subtle print..."Kiss the Frog" !!!  I had a few second thoughts about using it for a wedding gift...but that passed quickly LOL! Just hope they don't look too closely at the back!

And then because I loved the colors and how this one turned out, so I made one almost exactly the same ...just for me : )
 And I guess the name will stick!

I have also finished the top of the Magic 4 patch..

I love these colors too! Oh no....I might have to make one of these just for me too !! This one is going to a very special girl, who I don't see anymore, and I miss.

So I am off to find some backing for this one....and you never know what else I might find at the local quilt store!


  1. One for them, one for you,... I sense a pattern here, Flo!


  2. HEHEHEHE - double mint gum commercial? I really love your 'sunny' side of quilting.

  3. cute story and love the quilts Flo!

  4. I love love love "Kiss the Frog"! Beautiful!


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